Firewood Types

Firewood Types



Pine is great for open fires as it does not spark! It is a quick burning wood that will generate moderate to good heat. Pine is suitable for both open fires and log burners. Pine needs to be stored well and needs plenty of sunlight to prevent mould. It will absorb water easily after being dried.

Central Otago Pine/Old Man Pine

As a firewood, the older the tree, the better the burning properties, especially in trees 30 years and older. Old man pine trees 30 yrs + can contain a high content of resin / gum which is a flammable product. Old man Pine is generally what we get here in Central Otago, it is a slower growing pine, therefore creating a denser wood due to the conditions it grows in.

Larch/Coriscan Pine Mix

A good all round wood. Suitable for closed wood burners only


Oregon (Douglas fir) is very popular and burns hotter and longer than pine. It also dries very quickly and splits easily. It leaves very little ash and burns very clean. Oregon does spark a bit more than pine but can still be used in open fires.


This is a low to medium density wood similar to pine. It produces a lovely clean heat but can spark in open fires.  Macrocarpa is a medium to longer burning wood.  Smaller kindling sized wood is great for starting your fire.

Blue Gum

Blue gum or Eucalyptus is a very hot burning firewood. It sometimes takes longer to dry (up to 2 years) but burns very hot. It is often better to use blue gum in combination with other firewood to keep your fire burning well. Blue gum has the best heat output of all firewood.

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